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Those who plan their career steps have an advantage.

Development. Career Counseling. Career Coaching.

Knowing. Wanting. Granting Permission.

You would like to entrust an employee with extended challenges or management tasks. The clarification of development opportunities from an external and neutral perspective brings clarity for both, employer and employee.

Anticipating the Future.

The expectations and needs of the employees as well as the tasks and requirements within organizations are constantly changing.
In order to align them, it takes a holistic view of future requirements and one’s own skills, empathy and good conversations. 

We are happy to support you from an external perspective on these topics. An unbiased professional career assessment and career coaching are usually the most beneficial solution on both sides.

I felt the need to change professionally. I would like to express my great compliments for your high professionalism, expertise, empathy and know-how. Through your guidance I was able to strengthen my self-confidence and positivity, which was very helpful in my job search. The fact that I have already found a new job in my desired industry within such a short time is all thanks to you and your support. I will be very happy to recommend you to others.

Specialist, Consumer Goods (successfully changed industry to banking)

Dear Ms Licci, I had a coaching with you some years ago and I had to think back to it today. Perhaps you will be interested to know that I have now set up my own business and I am very happy with it. I mostly communicate scientific-technical factual topics by means of text and graphics. Your outside view of my resources, including my creative inclinations, also contributed to my daring to take this step.

Physicist, PhD ETH

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