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(In German only)

Article with the title: «Vom Arbeitgeber- zum Arbeitnehmermarkt» published in HR Today, Edition 4/2023

Read here the interview by the editor with Gabriela Licci

(In German only)

Chancen für Ü50? Aber klar! Erfreulicher Trend - 2022 ein Arbeitnehmermarkt!

Qualifizierte Ü50er, die sich weiterbilden (on- /off-the-job) sind attraktiv im Arbeitsmarkt!
Sie werden zu Interviews eingeladen – branchenübergreifend.

(In German only)

Professional articles in HR yournals of Gabriela Licci

Gabriela Licci – personally committed to clients and customers since 2010.

Gabriela Licci is an expert in Career Management, Out- / Newplacement, Executive & Business Coaching and has been working successfully for her clients since 2010.